Hanging Around A Book Shop!

Oh I do love hanging around Waterstones

I could spend all day in their stores

They've got books on every subject imaginable

spread over multiple floors


I've got one from there about horror films

and another on King Tutankhamun

Waterstones are jam packed with all kinds of goodies

piled high wall-to-wall in every room


We go wandering excitedly into the store

and our time we like to slowly bid

One day we came out with three large carriers full

totalling almost two-hundred quid! 


My second favourite is WH Smith

who always have such a good base

They've got a selection on politics

and how to apply masks to your face


Both of these shops I could spend hours in

buying books on teddies and runes

They've got paperweights and computer gear

and cards to plug to your iTunes


I understand why they are so popular

and continue to grow year after year

When they finally close down forever

millions of customers will be shedding some tears!


So long may they both reign is what I do say

I'll continue to buy when I can

and come out with armfulls of lovely books

I'm certainly a very big fan! 


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Paul Sayer

Thu 2nd Jan 2020 16:36


Loved the fact you are a reader of the ruins.

Cast past the minds of many...

What a sad day the closure of these shops will be... If we add the closure of libraries into the mix that will leave us poets bereft of readers...

However like all esoteric and occult work it is, by its very nature an oral tradition and as such will always remain.

The loss to the world of the written word has since the inception of time, been a way to control the sleeping masses of the eternal Truth's we know so well Phillippa.

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