It puzzles me how anyone can touch those

Fake and false eyelashes I'm talking about

above the eyes, by the nose

They look so much like those creepy centipedes

and when I see those fake things my blood pressure exeeds

the normal limit it should be

My eyes popped with fright when I did see

a big hairy one flopped out on the floor

I really don't want to encounter any more!


I was whizzing around this superstore

vacuuming the girl's glitzy aisle 

sucking up dusty bits and putting them in a pile

When I screamed the entire place down as staring up at me

was the biggest false eyelash I had ever seen!


I was about to run for Charlie

on the ground floor, in the Food Hall

as I thought it was a centipede

not a falsie at all

But then I realized it wasn't moving

It looked fat as if it had been fed

The sight of it made me quiver

and my face went crimson red


The next day I was back in glitzy

brooming and whizzing some more

when I saw the twin of the first one

hiding behind a cosmetics stand on the floor

As I did with the first lash

I sucked it up the vacuum pipe

They were both a terrible shock to me

and my foul language was certainly ripe! 



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Thu 2nd Jan 2020 17:03


I hope these models n actress read this.

Fake is ugghh.....hehehe!!! 💖

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