For You

I see your name in contrails in the sky
in the pattern of lines on my hands.

In friends eyes I see your eyes
glassed and sad.

I feel your lips in strangers lips
in gaps between utterances I can sense them. 

In the shadows of nolight I hear your footsteps
irregular and dancing.

I see your face in the branches of trees
in the gravel and dirt and leaves.

In words I focus on the letters that comprise your syllables
in conversation they are yours and yours alone

just as specific as your laugh.

-M. R. Wallis

for youfortunem. r. wallis

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winston plowes

Fri 9th Apr 2010 22:36

Hi Max. On a roll on WOL I think. Great stuff. Win. P.S. Like your blog / website thingy bob too

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Max Wallis

Fri 9th Apr 2010 18:08

In fact, perhaps I should change my picture.

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Max Wallis

Fri 9th Apr 2010 18:04

Thank you everyone. And yes Antony, I hope people judge me by my words rather than my face.

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Antony Owen

Fri 9th Apr 2010 18:00

Max I have to compliment you on writing a poem of this quality and from your photo you write with a wisdom that belies your tender age.

I'm very impressed with this poem, it appears you craft an image trying to avoid generics and you have a good control of meter and are you one to look out for?

I think if you keep writing, accept critiques like flowers then you def will.

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Graham Sherwood

Fri 9th Apr 2010 17:43

Nicely written piece Max. I particularly like the use of a non-word like "nolight", it shows inventiveness without unbalancing the lightness of your words. Well done.

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Ann Foxglove

Fri 9th Apr 2010 16:19

A very delicate poem Max. Lots of nice lines, I really like
In the shadows of nolight I hear your footsteps
irregular and dancing.

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