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Words unheard!!

I know you love me

As much as i do love you

You need me as desperately 

As i need you too

I will not deny my soul connection with you

And also the romantic side of our bond

How else can i love you if not through a kiss

Or a touch or a glance that stays longer than epoch

How not to hold you in my arms and feel your strength around my fragile frame

How not to hug you, cuddle you and reciprocated same

If love is not the sight, then how do i see you when i close my eyes

If love is not the touch, then how can i feel you when the wind does brush against my heart 

If love is not kiss, then how my lips are parched as you are far

Love is so many things i have with you my darling Phi

It's the romance of tge two souls every night

Although the distance between us is like a gulf of unbridged sea

Still your warmth i over my body do feel

Say my love what is the cost i need to pay

What more sacrifices i have to make

How many tears of oceans i need to fill

How many mountains i have to climb uphill

Say, let me know the price, so i may pay

I just wish to be by your side today and everyday

Say, when is the auspicious day and date in your calendar

Say, what month or year you have finally marked for us

Please speak your words, this silence is choking me

Please make a move, pack your boxes, return where you left

Please say something as i am just going insane

This separation is too hard a thing to bear

Have some mercy over our souls and do something before i forever fade

Your love letters keep my hopes alive, although flickering yet the candle survives

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