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Love story!

I'll never let go or give up

I'm just too sure about us

This love is all i waited for long enough

I just can't let anyone destroy it for us

No one can make it happen no destroy it

Unless you do crumple it up like a useless paper to throw it in the bin

I shall only lead you towards togetherness 

I've no plans of turning my footsteps 

I'm way to sure about what i want in life

You aren't the one i will ever let go and give up

I know you have your fears and your problems

I too have two jailors of wickedness over my head

I shall pray my way towards our solemn togetherness 

In a relationship strong of union divine i want God us to bind

I shall push you everyday, but not aeay from me rather towards me

Only you can make things happen in our solemn favour 

And i look up to you to fulfill our dreams of divine union

I ain't asking you for stars or moon

For you are my only moon, I'm just asking to unite you to your light

Let not the demons and satan persuade you to do otherwise

You aren't weak ti give up on your love after you have found

How hard we have struggled for us to be here where we are it does astound

I can't just be a fool to drop my moon for a lowly star or another moon

For you are my only moon with all your shine and glory

And i fix into your life as a one big real life stories

Ours isn't a nightmare so i will never let it turn into one

Our isn't a fairy tale with happily everafter one

Ours is a real love stroy which is unique with all it's twist and turns

This is my favourite love story and i won't let it end on separation 

We will unite in solemn heavenly vows of marriage and togetherness 

This is what my heart, soul, mind and body says to me

This is what my prayers drive me to write every time i pray to almighty

I ain't a fool and will never behave like one, to let you go after ages now that i have you found

I love you to the moon and back, more than the words can ever say

Now i ain't ready to wait any longer for destiny to plan it any way

Pray your moves towards me and ask God to help thee

You are my Man, so be like one and move this on independently with help only heavenly

You just can't be sitting behind screens trying to help me virtually

You can't be sitting behind virtual heavens to love me 

You have to make it real and heavenly, so move ahead and work playerful wonders

Let the miracle happen cos this ain't any cinderella love story

It's a beautiful love story of you and me and our children going to be

We can't just sacrifice our dreams of one big happy family

Let's do it forcefully through prayers and let's get it done miraculously 

With the help of God almighty and his angelic forces

That actually worked before to make us meet on this earth

Thoses forces acted upon our hearts and souks to unite as one

So the same forces will do a miracle again, all it takes it faith

I'm still here, i will never go anywhere cos I'm waiting for you to come and take me with you finally

All i wish to tell you, my dream and onetrue that, I love you today, tomorrow, forevermore and till eternity

I'm yours amd this is the only truth and my very true reality


I won't give up on my dreams of you

I won't give up on my love for you

I won't go anywhere, and won't let you go either

So stop playing the quitting game as our love isn't a game

Let's work it together through prayers

For every good thing takes time and ours has taken way too long

Let's do it once and forever, make our happy ending through prayers to God high above



I love you and i ain't going just anywhere. I'm waiting, so don't let me wait long. Come along and start the next best love story.

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Wed 25th Dec 2019 16:17


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