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Life ain't a fairy tale for me!!!!

My life ain't a fairy tale 

It's more a nightmare

With demons around

Monsters surround


As a little kid 

I struggled every bit

Devils laughed at me

Wicked poisoned me


Evil never got victory 

As God was fighting for me

He never let me die

Although i got bruises and cuts


Topsy turvy ride of my life

Strangled my every happiness 

Left me at mercy and pity

Others who enjoyed bullying me


Was I dumb then 

Or am I dumb now

Why i don't fight demons

Who are literally killing my every joy


A happy ending isn't for me

I'm made for struggles and ugly stories

Darkness and demons, shadows and evils

These are my constant guardian enemies 


I ain't any cinderella, snow white or sleeping Beauty 

I'm just a small creature of God almighty 

For long i waited for a prince charming to rescue me

Only to be disappointed by the fact that life ain't a fairy tale


Life is but an evils tale for me

Mantras and evil verses working 

Only to keep me caged within

Illness and loneliness my constant companions


This golden cage is all i have as a home to call

The witches and aghories are my evil family

Tsunami, Tornadoes, blizzards and earthquakes

These are little rock - a - by baby lullabies for me


Nights are filled with adventures and thrills

When from an open window a devil sneaks in

Sits by my bed side, rocking me to sleeping wake

Only to suck every drop of my youth and blood sweet


Mornings are lethargic and i can't gather my strength 

Always struggling to clean my head off the night's wickedness 

Slowly and steadily I am heading towards my life's end

Nothing achieved but much lost within the years lapsed 


Life isn't a fairy tale for little me, and never was it

A nightmare defines my life with dark wickedness

Demons, shadows and ghosts always followed

Removing every dear one from my life, leaving me dead lonely


Life wasn't a fairy tale for me ever

The end will also be never be happy

As was my beginning deep dark dead

So will be the present and life ahead


Life isn't a fairy tale

It's a reality scary

Nothing killed me

But I'm damn lonely (thanks to evil family)


Idea developed through a conversation with Donny dear...dedicated this poem to those lines that made me realize certain events of my life....thank you Don. My inspiration!! 


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Don Matthews

Tue 3rd Dec 2019 06:53

Thankyou Do....


Mon 2nd Dec 2019 20:28

Ok Po. Thank you for your encouraging words. 🌷

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Mon 2nd Dec 2019 18:26

Read pm...


Mon 2nd Dec 2019 15:14

Life ain't a bed of roses
We need to remind ourselves
Life is struggles and thorns
So prepare oneself strong!!
The end be happy or sad
Ride be scary or bad
This shouldn't break us
We should keep enjoying anyway!!

Thanks Kim for your lovely words!! 🌷

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