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Ant DoRis

I'm an ant dexterous and laborious 

Working all day fron morning till night

I work with my fellas, cos we never divide

Unlike humans we live in peaceful colonies

Granaries that store our food is for all citizens alike

No wars we wage against other country or tribe

We live in a world as our home, no boundaries to disunite

No culture, tradition, customs or narrow domestic walls

We are a mighty nation always working together our development 


In a meeting discussing the folly and plight of humans

Our census shocked us when their mistakes we shaped

The annihilation of nations, races, corruption and growing crimes

Such are the alarming factors of human we studied and analyzed 


Although we the ants are much smaller than humans in every way

Our brains ain't smarter than their's in anyway

Still we feel that man has yet not developed 

They have learnt only the acts to kill and usurp

Had humans been hard working and lived for eachothers sake

They could have outdone our shine and glory in every way


We the happy ants, work, live and enjoy life completely

Thanking our God, who gave us smaller bodyand brains

Had we been like humans, what would happen to our coming generations 

Like humans our children too would be struggling their survival in this world



◄ Crazy little heart!!

Life ain't a fairy tale for me!!!! ►



Mon 2nd Dec 2019 10:10

Thank u Don

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Don Matthews

Mon 2nd Dec 2019 08:59

Clever Do. I've said it before and I'll say it again. There's more to you than meets the eye......

I am a little ant
Searching for some food
Hi there passing ant friend
Friend ant says hi there dude

Has Rose morphed into an ant??....

Whatever's he on about Eth?.......

Dunno Bert...he talks in riddles sometimes...

Sorry Do

I nicely say hi back to friend
Continue with my romp
A black shadow comes over me
Bloody hell Do. Stomp

Sorry Do, Not all fairy tales end happily ever after....


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