The banned old Duke of York.

Criticism for his interview Prince Andrew has met,

It was almost impossible for him to sweat.

Pizza Express in Woking has achieved royal fame,

Used as an alibi to protect his good name.


An adviser had told him to remain in the shade,

To partake in the interview an error he has made.

Plaudits to rescue his reputation he did not receive.

In the interview he came over as being naive.


To persecute him too much may seem really mean,

After all the son of our Royal Highness the Queen.

We all have family members who have made a mistake,

The Royals are humans,just like us,with much more at stake.


He was summoned to the palace by his mum,

A devastating moment for the mother and son.

Andrew's resignation came after the Queen had consulted her heir,

To sack him was the right thing to do, but difficult to bear.


The future of the monarchy was at risk,

The stepping down process had to be brisk.

He now has a fair bit of time on his hands,

But no more funded flights to distant lands.


The banned old Duke of York had his say,

But as a result most of his backers walked away.

On the 2nd of December on Panorama new details will unfurl,

By Virginia Roberts the alleged forced sexual encounter girl.




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M.C. Newberry

Mon 2nd Dec 2019 20:33

This sort of stuff isn't new to Royalty. Prince Eddy - back in
Victoria's reign - had all sorts of rumours surrounding him, while
the heir to the throne, later King Edward V11 - a much loved monarch confounding his critics and detractors - certainly had
a racy reputation that surely had his mother throwing up her
hands in despair at such goings-on. As for the current saga - a
certain Lady so-and so claims that the parties involved were
ready to benefit from participating in whatever allegedly occurred at
the time so one wonders about the reasons for this kind of
public pursuit of the actions of years ago in private. The likes of
Lily Langtry would no doubt raise a knowing eternally discreet eyebrow.

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Mon 2nd Dec 2019 19:26

At 9 o'clock tonight on Panorama new details will unfurl,
By Virginia Roberts the alleged forced sexual encounter girl

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 26th Nov 2019 13:14

A sorry state of affairs indeed. "Randy Andy", to borrow his youthful
nickname, has shown poor judgement in his choice of friends and
his hubris has not helped. I recall his arrogance when challenged
by security in the gardens of Buck House - instead of smiling
graciously and accepting their apparent lack of recognition with a
little grace and good humour. The institution of The Crown always
exceeds the "value" of its individual members and he would have
been wise to have kept that in mind. My sympathy is for his mother -
a devoted public servant who has seen her offspring let her down
more than once when it mattered - and damaged all that she has
served so well in her own lifetime.

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