Knock Knock. What's Going On Here?

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Knock Knock. What's Going On Here?


I've learnt something new from a poem

That I didn't know existed before

The poet (UK) called it 'Knock Knock'

Which I thought was about someone's door


The poet she talked about Knock House

I thought what the heck's this about?

For not having lived in that area

A knock house? It left me in doubt


So went to a web dictionary

To check what a knock house was for

I reeled back in shock to discover

A knock house was a brothel with whores


Hello? I thought, something's not right here

So went to look closer, to immerse

The poem seemed involved with religion

Whatever did brothels have to do with this verse?


I thought Wikipedia might help me

Not worry 'bout knock/brothel/whore anymore

It seems Knock's a shrine in Knock village

And nothing to do with a door


I needed to sort my confusion

Which was making me miffed, feel quite dense

And not living where the poem was created

Religion/brothel/knock made no sense


Don Matthews June 2019





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M.C. Newberry

Mon 25th Nov 2019 20:56

The more usual term is probably "knocking shop". As for brothels
and sin, let's not forget that a certain Mary Magdalen was not
perfect according to religious teachings but JC had time for her...
sending us back to that admonishment "Let him (her) who is without sin cast the first stone."

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Don Matthews

Mon 25th Nov 2019 12:24

The poem 'Knock Knock' appeared on WOL ages ago and when I Iooked closer discovered it referred to Knock House in Knock village. I couldn't find the poem or writer. May have left?....


Mon 25th Nov 2019 12:16

The picture says it u clicked it??? Where on earth u got knocked out......hehehe 😜

Seriously you get such things before us which we really never knew....not a topic where i mus comment...cos it's a boyzone...still...thnx for telling...for v mus know.😯

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