If I could reach back in time and speak to you as a child,

I'd take you by the hand and tell you it will all be ok,

I'd explain that you'll be strong enough to make it that way,

So don't worry too much, enjoy what you can, 'cos It'll be fine.

If I could reach back in time and address you in your youth,

I'dĀ ask you if you really wanted self destruction,

Remind you if you want to live your demons were the only obstruction,

Ask you to open your eyes and mind to the truth.

If I could reach back in time to you in your twenties,

I'd ask you to curb your wildest desires,

Only to dampen, not extinguish the fires,

Because I know what their deepest extent is.

If I could reach back in time to you as a young Dad,

I'd tell you how much patience you'll need,

Explain how much strength it takes to succeed,

And how this experience would be the best you'd ever had.

I'd tell you you need to get it into your head,

As a parent, take the time to explain,

You're no longer the picture, now you're the frame,

You'll live your life for them instead.

And so we'd get to here and still there are some things that leave me perplexed,

A path before me I can't clearly see,

Leaving me wishing some future me,

could reach back and tell me what to do next.

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