A Trail of Breadcrumbs

Lost within the twisting turns of of the corridors of your mind,

Plain to see the agony endured upon your face,

Unwind the thread, leave a trail of breadcrumbs I can find,

That I may lead you out of this cold dark place,

Put your hand in my hand and your trust upon my back,

I'll never let it go and I can bear the weight,

I'll help you to stand, walk with you down this track,

Disregard the ticking clock, it's never too late,

Walk with me to daylght, beneath the burning Sun,

And let its gentle rays put a warmth back in your heart,

This is your story, your path, your marathon to run,

But let me lead you to the light so you can see the start.

◄ The Last Toast

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Jason Bayliss

Wed 20th Nov 2019 12:08

Thanks Po.

J. x

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Sun 17th Nov 2019 15:23

Hi again Jason.

Poetry is perhaps the most ambiguous of all our musings.

How perfect your comment was my friend.


Sun 17th Nov 2019 14:23

I wish i had a door or a window to my mind
It would be easy to understand what i rhyme

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Jason Bayliss

Sun 17th Nov 2019 10:35

Thanks Dorothy and thank you Po, so pleased you like it and love the different interpretations. I love poetry for that. No-one is ever wrong. It is what it is to you.

J. x

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Thu 14th Nov 2019 19:33

Hi J

Hardly a walk in the park.

I love the dankness of this piece.

The dissmalness is all pervasive Mmmmm.

Sort of..." follow me I'm right behind you" kind of menacing


Thu 14th Nov 2019 13:04

This is an amazing brainmatic thriller
The trail so curvy and twisty
Breadcrumbs as a mark to mystery
The last straight captured my heart.

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