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My sleep went moon walking!!

O sleep dear, where have you disappeared 

I searched under the mattress and every where

Unable to locate i thought of waiting by the gate

You just stumbled unknowingly across the street of my home

From there i got you back within the doors of my heavenly palace

Dusted you of the grit and grime you mistakenly wore on streets tonight

Will you speak to me and relate your adventures of this holy night

I am still awaiting your return within my sleepy head

Take out some time to visit my lost drowsiness and sing me my favourite lullaby 

Rocking me to a peaceful sleep before morning breaks for sleepy me

◄ Flight to freedom

Doe went for a hair cut!!! ►



Tue 19th Nov 2019 10:56

Hahaha!!! I'm happy you got this one on time before new one was posted, and last one gone.

My sleep went moon walking
Making me twist and turn
The night was extremely long
As my sleep went walking for too long
I hope tonight it shall return
And be right in mind where exactly it's suppose to be
I know want Donny means
By saying this poem sounds like his
I feel honoured to join you dear
Now book a bed in ur rehab
Cos i think i too have a double gear
Hahaha!!!!! 💖

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Don Matthews

Mon 18th Nov 2019 21:52

This is not like you Do. Different, and so good. It's very much after my own way of thinking...if you know what I mean

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