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Inspired words!!


There is a force acting upon our love

The connections strong to bless our bond

I can feel the feelings that are residing in you

I can cry the tears of your happiness and sorrows 

If you do have emotions clear, so for sake of our lovely years ahead

Do something which is surely in our favor, uniting us forever

I don't care what others feel or say, cos that ain't my thinking say

All i care for is you and I and our holy union blessed by Lord, our saviour

The thoughts that arise in me are slowly motivating my steps

I move ahead and ahead, ever since we met no retreat we ever set

The sky is the perfect shade and air donned a perfect hue

All are but indications true falling from firmaments far above asking us to move

What holds your feet to where you stand? Who is it playing stories in your lovely head?

Those who fear to explore the destiny clear and bright, have little faith within to confide

So let it be. O just let us be, and steadily embark our righteous journey

A destination i forsee, the older wiser owl amongst the free

A vision freely swiming across to be what is meant for us to be

A holy endeavour, we now can't leave and step back from going on

There are words circling in my little head, playing lovely songs

I can sing them for you, but i do hold them forever in poetic form

For now we have this lovely platform to board the train of our beautiful thoughts

Travelling back and forth, communicating our chants and verses

Holding us in a grip so strong, unbreakable unfathomable and a holy conversation 

We feel a pull, a magnetic holy attraction increasing everyday

Stepping us on the next level of faith, conviction and faithful relations

Feelings so mutual, love true and so pure holy, nothing can stop from reaching the hearts homely

There were mountains rugged we crossed, oceans turbulent we fought

Now the smooth flowing river takes our boat in a marked direction

Like a grass on the ground we firmly hold bearing the scorching heat and the winter mist

Now to safer land we arrrived sowing right seeds of intentionns bright

We now can't act fools and let others reap our hard earned life

What lies ahead is a picture fair and almost right, so can it be, we now give up our strife

I will hold on firmly to the prayers i made for you and us

For i know, this little expedition of life is best for us and for which i waited since age long enough

I am convinced over what is beyond those huge mountains and the rugged terrain 

For i am well prepared to meet the destiny's world which we shall explore in times to come

So how can be, i give up now, and seek an untroubled hand to explore another ground

I ain't a fool to fool my heart, walking myself onto lands beautiful but sans you

For my story started with you in my prayers, and it shall end in your loving arms on the scheduled day

What i see is much beyond my dreams, it's clear logic and reasoning

Some may say i am running behind imaginations and others call me kinky she

But for me, my heart knows the common sense owned reality

So i shall pursue my prayers right, which in time am sure will come true

Hold my hand and take a dive, don't look neither left nor right

Trust, commitment, honesty and love filled hearts shall very soon exchange solemn vows

I can go on writing this spuritually controlled write

You may perceive it as poetry but for me it's a forecast made for us by God almighty 

An inspired write i do pen as you may read, you will feel the same feel as i do feel

So for now close your eyes, as i do mine, giving away all our negative feedback to Lord almighty

Asking God to turn this lovely episode of our life as a blessing till eternity

Holding on and praying earnestly for our holy unite for holy reasons and sure for love too

How many are blessed the way we are being blessed as of now

I ain't just insane to let go my blessings and let them perpetually hang on

I am here for us to steer our boat of life to destined shores

Which with time together we shall discover and explore

This prayer, dream and my love, for now i silently keep in God's perfect care and safety

My Lord please do take care of my blessings and don't let them be wasted day upon day in follish fear and unsound reasonings 

With this i take your leave as i now can happily silently sleep after penning down my heart's every questions i did keep

With answers right and quite visible to my sight i wait and relax for soon i know the holy times going to come

Do you hear my feelings true and factual for it ain't a dream or a lie woven today

It is my life's holy prayers that i have communicated to you today

So do hold them with dignity, honour and care for these words hold you in an extremely precious way

For you are my man, my knight, my prince and the handsome king who i met long before in a world above our sky

I hold you precious cos you are my prayers come true and this truth i can never deny

So let me be, my only me till you come along making me to we.

I express my extreme love and care for you and hope to receive more from you




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