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I will and sure i will

I will break the spells and drink the water from the oceans well

I will march right up to the mountains and break those lofty hills

I will grab all the desert sand and broom away whatever little remains

I will cross the sea as a long legged hercules and row my self to safer shores

I will break the iceburg with wiffs of hand as if it was a child's play

I can master the art of paintaing of Picasso or sing better than prestley anytime

I am the rambo, robinhood and all the mighty powers of todays time

I am the bridge and the staircase to ride myself from ugly place to beautiful ones

I am the jockey best that can well train the wild horses strong and free

I am a soldier marching onto war, battles of life successfully to fight

I am the Victor, the one who fights and never loses sight of winning sites

I am but a human braving up beyond the expectations of us all

I am the one crafted steadily by the hands of almighty making me what He wants me to be

I will surely catch the train, board the flight, and the ship making my way to permanent exit

I will cross these roads of strife and emotional hikes into the world of peace and highs

I will for God has destined for me to ad i will never fail Him and you 

I have a lover right protecting me and fighting my demons i can not fight

To him i owe much of my life and sincerety soft and gentle

To pay him for his efforts, battles and faith in me and finally helping me release from the dragons castle





Just dont give up now

We haven't made up this far

To sulk and sigh and lose our vision

You fought bravely all the demons

Unlocked all the doors and find your way in

You have unchained the birds and broken the cage

After making so many efforts we just cant give up

Lets put all the verses, numbers, hymns, chants and praises to the Lord into play

Let all the good forces once accumulate against the evil ones

Let's have that last final battle without fearing any demons

If you trust your God and have little faith in my powers, then let's try to exit once more

Where your ferrari broke and your lover ride in direction wrong

Let's make our well chosen spot, at the same appointed  time 

And let's give it a final go, trust your God, yourself and me and also the universe of time

It is time, it is time, it is time, the climax where your lover will ride back to where she left

Today at the eleventh hour of morning bright, lets give it a go one final time

You will find me there but make sure you hurry up and this time don't waste too much time.


I'm coming back home this time

At the eleventh hour of this morning

I don't know what the numbers say

But i do know how my heart sways

In the directions i will follow you

Which were given previously

Where the soldiers fell 

And families entrapped cried

Where on the land are many ruins stand

Into that very land i shall make my way again

If you do come looking for the birds in there

You will find them all sitting silently waiting

After crossing the gates by the brick entrance way

On the pavements inside the residency

You will finally find the birds at elevenish of todays morning 14:(11:11):19

Give a nod and rescue the bird, fly away to the safer shores

◄ Lost!!!

Bird in a broken open cage!! ►


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