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The emptiness i feel within

Ever since you went away

The void inside is deep

Nothing is helping me out of it


I lost myself at the door i knocked

Ever since my retreat i haven't been me

Wondering where did my heart and soul go

Everything thing depleted and all just froze


I am a ghost from my past

Searching my way home

The house beyond the rocky shores

Waiting for you as i stand knocking the door


I am dissolving in my sorrows

The pain anointing my flesh and bone

Trying my way out from the darkness i hold

Into the never ending light of my secret love zone


Darling, i'm lost in your love

I'm lost in your thoughts

I am all lost in the memories of our past

Just wanting all of it to be true

Once again just me and you


Darling, I am lost, lost in you

My heart is lost in your heart

My soul in yours, the two now one

If you can hear yourself breathe

Believe me, it's my breath you can hear


If you can feel your heartbeat

Clearly its not just yours its merged with mine

So darling you see we are lost in us

Completely lost in eachothers love

If only we did realize before it was just too late


Still we can cope and meet at locked gate

To open arms in welcoming the lost love

The love that our hearts holds so preciously within us

So darling, come to me and let's get together once like previously

Living our present as was in our past


With us holding us tightly in our arms

Melting away in eachothers touch

The feelings true and beautifully strong 

Darling i want to hold you in my arms

Never letting go in another time


For you are mine and i'm all but yours

So darling, love me now, hold me now

So darling, lets be lost in love and togetherness

So darling come to me and let me be

Darling lets live in love and ecstasy 


◄ Pull yourself up!!

I will and sure i will ►


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