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Letter to the Guys That Try To Date Me

Hey, how about you fucking stop
Turning back the clock
Like daylight savings up in here
And can you stop calling this a queer issue,
We've been here as long as you guys, thank you
And while we're on the subject of phew,
That guy has some thinking to do
How about we talk about this view?
Got safety glass in front of us
Like, we can't see thru the giant printed COVER UP
Guys this is borderline dumb.
What, you still sucking your thumb
Need mommy to take care of it
Get you out of all your shit
But she doesn't see a dime of the recognition
Get the hell outta here
Acting like that glass ain't no mirror
Showing you your ugly ass selfs,
Putting women up on this shelf like
If we don't like you we're some dyke,
But we all know what goes on in there,
Inside your head when we aren't there
What's there to like?

Shit, I had a point,
Before the misogyny stunk up this joint
Quit acting like we're so stuck up
Like we didn't build your city from the ground up
And give some respect to the women,
To whom you owe your right to breathe, men
Knock off this casual careful sexism
And learn to goddamn live again.

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