Final Call

Addiction is hard to explain, unless you have been there

You truely can't understand anyone's pain 

It's being caught between the devil and hell

Not wanting to use, but needing to, all you want to do is yell 

So loudly but softly so nobody can hear, the torment in your voice, the sadness in your eyes

Is when you really know shit just got real

Being so sick, choice is no longer an option

So you do one more bag hoping this time it will lead to a coffin 

You wake up mad that god didn't take you,

He's taking everyone else, why not me too?

I considered ending my own life untill i heard a voice 

"My child it isnt your time, i have much more for you to do"

Towards the end it wasn't getting me high

All it did was take the sickness away for me to feel normal 

It was just a big waste of money and time

I wanted my life back, i wasn't rasied this way,

Addiction doesn't discriminate, it doesnt care what you say 

I did die, i was prounced dead, untill i got revived

I will never forget that look in my mothers eyes

When the doctors told her your child is gone, one more shot of narcan, she said

Please, you have to try, you can't let my baby girl die

I did come back, i don't know how, i dont know why

That look on my mothers face, the tears in her eyes

She looked up to god, "Thank you for keeping my daughter alive"

I didn't know what to say, i didn't know what to do, i was so sick 

My mom knew i was suffering and said  im going to get you help quick

I got into rehab, left it all in the past, three years later

Damn it went by so fast







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