Listen Up There Rhyming Board

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Listen Up There Rhyming Board


Listen up there Rhyming Board

(Yes, you lot in the sky)

I have a group of rhymers

Who cheer me as I try


Please don't disappoint them

Don't come down on me hard

I want to write new poetry

I'm not another Bard


Don't worry 'bout my gramma

Blindfold your eyes to ain't

I might spell great as 'triffic

I'm no-ones poet saint


I'm nothing extra special

Not into winning prizes

Just wanna play around with words

Creating new surprises


You'll see I do bend grammar

To make it fit my verse

The die-hards of you up there

Will say this man's a curse


But hang on Rhyming Board

(Yes you lot in the sky)

Just come on down with me awhile

Re-learn, with open eyes


Don Matthews April 2019



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jennifer Malden

Fri 8th Nov 2019 16:08

Hi Don! Why not?


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