Every Post Has A Gull


On the coast

every pole or post

requires a gull

wise guy sentries

waiting for a handout

they sleep with one eye open

waiting for a fish to come along

but better yet

waiting for a tourist

to throw some bread up into the sky

the gull catching it

in mid-air

with instantaneous moves

up and down and sideways

proving the gull's ability to catch

whatever is tossed

without ever letting it hit the ground

this brings cheers from tourists and children

who soon have a whole flock

over the tops of their heads

screeching for more

in a cacophony of caws

and when the bread is gone

the gulls stand around

with dumb looks on their faces


but always hoping for more.


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Wed 6th Nov 2019 12:33

like some people we know.

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