A Guy Named Fawkes

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Penny for the guy mister

A young lad asks politely

In the pram sits a lifeless shell

An effigy of a man once mighty

A reminder to me of my past

When as a mere innocent boy

I too created a lifelike guy

To pay for my firework joy

Back in the sands of time

The year 1605 to be precise

A dastardly plot was hatched

Gunpowder was the apt device

To blow up the House of Lords

And with it King James 1st

On the 5th November all set

An occasion to do their worst

The conspirators wait anon

It’s all gone so very wrong

Guy Fawkes discovered & thwarted

Tortured in the London Tower

Hanged drawn and quartered

Celebrated with a vengeance

Like a lamb to the slaughter

Burning on a bonfire vista

Penny for the guy mister

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