Once Upon a Time in the Land of Faraway Poetry Lived........

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Once Upon a Time in the Land of Faraway Poetry Lived........


Once upon a time

In the Land of Faraway Poetry

Lived a group of poets called

The Traditional Poets Association (TPA for short)




A small group among them

Became frustrated

Because they couldn't flap

Their offbeat wings




They formed a breakaway group

And called themselves

The Like-Minders Society (LMS for short)


The Traditional Poets Association (TPA)

Were peeved (as you would expect)

And the LMS went immediately into damage control

(Friction between poet groups is not good, as we all know)




They tried to get 'back sweet' with TPA


Doth thee still accept us?

Offbeat tho we are

We still have got our Shakespeare roots

(Except we now drive cars)


Get lost.......


Sadly this did not work




The Like-Minders have now

Gone back to the drawing board

To develop a new tactic


We wait in hope this rift can be healed


Don Matthews November 2019

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Sun 3rd Nov 2019 08:09

I have been summoned back from death for T H I S!


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