OH&S Gone Mad

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OH&S Gone Mad


As children we were given fritz slices

Which had smiley faces built in

The supermarkets and butchers all gave them

(No reader, my poem's not fin)


A customer just happened to slip

On some fritz which was dropped on the floor

Though hitting her head she was not injured

You can guess the reaction of store


A ban was placed on giving smiley faces

Inciting rage as it spread round online

We grew up on getting fritz faces

It's a tradition, we don't like your ban sign


This followed only months after an infamous

Sausage/onion debacle last year

Which scandalised our nation, put in jeopardy

Our institution Aussie BBQ (oh dear)


A hardware giant with community BBQ outside

Instructed onion go first on bread

And not the other way, (on top of sausage)

To stop onion-fall/slip-on-head


Don Matthews March 2019



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Kate G

Sat 2nd Nov 2019 12:21

Aaahhhh the Bunnings onion incident. Scandalous. Well penned Don.

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Don Matthews

Sat 2nd Nov 2019 11:17

Thankyou Do.RoThY

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