I Thought White Was Beautiful

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Kneeling in the grass
he sits back on his feet
sunlight glinting
in his blonde hair
and surveys his garden
he plucks and pulls out
all the weeds and grass
and the things
that shouldn't be there
throwing them in a pile
He gazes slowly along
the tiny blooms
of beautiful dark colors
burgundy alyssum
sapphire blue lobelia
dark red nasturtium
and his eyes stop abruptly
on a big, white flower
wondering how she got there
Scratching his head, he thinks
seeds must have been dropped
by a bird or a chipmunk
running through his
little patch of perfection
he yanks her out
like the weeds and grass
and the things
that shouldn't be there
throwing her in the pile
He grabs a handful of dirt
and jams it into
the hole she left behind
carefully arranging the soil
so there is no trace left
of where she grew
He picks up the pile
of living refuse
and tosses it into
a large, dark plastic trash can
locking the top
and dragging it to the curb
Whistling, he saunters
back to the house
his little blossoms
dancing in the gentle breeze
with their dark upturned faces
beautiful in the warm summer sun
She is slowly wilting
in this hot, enclosed coffin
the brilliant white of her petals
turning brown along the edges
and she wonders
why she belongs here in this place
filled with weeds and grass
and the things
that shouldn't be there
She saw the pleasure in his face
as he looked over the others
and was confused that the look
disappeared when his eyes
came to rest on her
felt the pain of being ripped apart
and thrown away worthless
her last thought was
"I thought white was beautiful."

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Dave Bradley

Wed 31st Mar 2010 21:05

Enjoyed this Lisa. Something wild and beautiful breaking into a tame and ordered world and being rejected. Well written

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Wed 31st Mar 2010 16:41

This is really good, Lisa, an idea beautifully developed with fine imagery. This 'story' will engage the reader regardless of experience.

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Tue 30th Mar 2010 16:40

This seems like an allegory to me. I hate orderly worlds - wild white roses would fit perfectly into my garden and complement my semi wild rabbits. I like the ideas behind this and think you have crafted the poem well also.

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kealan coady

Tue 30th Mar 2010 14:45

this is nice and the reptition at the bottom of a couple of stanza's there really works, good stuff.

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