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To plumb the depth of soul ( a villanelle)

To plumb the depth of soul we all must go,

And on our journey never swerve nor tire.

The final truth we all must naked show.


Despite reluctant steps which painful grow

While plodding past prescribed doctrinal mire,

To plumb the depth of soul we all must go.


Beware the mocking friends now laughing low,

Resisting dusty earth or ashy pyre:

The final truth we all must naked show.


For though the promised road reveals no glow,

No golden spires to qualify desire,

To plumb the depth of soul we all must go.


Now through the jostling crowd does noisy blow

A whistling wind of words with message dire:

The final truth we all must naked show!


So – if you thought no one would ever know

That all your life you danced on coals of fire,

To plumb the depth of soul we all must go –

The final truth we all must naked show!



Cynthia Buell Thomas



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jane wilcock

Tue 23rd Mar 2010 19:52

this appeals to basic instincts in a beautiful way. Thanks, jane

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Andy N

Tue 23rd Mar 2010 08:13

I wrote one or two of these (villanelle's) - they drove me batty almost literally, for that I bow my hat down to you Cynthia.. Did enjoy it however - gotta say too..

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Ann Foxglove

Tue 23rd Mar 2010 07:49

I think any constraints in making this poem do not come across as hampering what you are saying. For me, the repetition enhances the hypnotic and spellbinding effect of your words.

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Dave Bradley

Mon 22nd Mar 2010 23:06


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Graham Sherwood

Mon 22nd Mar 2010 22:45

I can appreciate the song-style of this piece Cynthia and it reads very pleasingly. My only criticism is that it must have put you under constraints to comply with its requirements and sounds. Some clever words as always.

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Mon 22nd Mar 2010 21:30

Really enjoyed reading this too Cynthia.

Wonderful profound meaning...
Especially love this line:
'To plumb the depth of soul we all must go.'

At some point would love to try a villanelle too!

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Mon 22nd Mar 2010 20:09

There is something a bit ominous about this poem Cynthia - a no escaping feel to it...
To me it's saying that we are accountable at the end of the day - to ourselves if no-one else.
Love the structure. I've never written a villanelle but I feel inspired to try one day - maybe after I've finished the dozen or more unfinished...

Steve Smith

Mon 22nd Mar 2010 17:37

Shades of John Bunyan! This speaks to me and i hurt .Steve

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Dave Carr

Mon 22nd Mar 2010 17:22

Whoaah! You did it.
What a fantastic poem.
I like the coals of fire line too
And the doctrinal mire.
I think I've plodded through that myself on occasion.

<Deleted User> (6292)

Mon 22nd Mar 2010 16:04

Oh Cynthia
This simply devine so simple yet so clever..

Wonderful, your writing always delights me.

Augusta x

<Deleted User> (7164)

Mon 22nd Mar 2010 16:04

This is absolutley astounding in its depth. I love it Cynthia. :-)))
A fantastic analogy to life itself and the journey of the human soul. Wow!


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Ann Foxglove

Mon 22nd Mar 2010 14:06

Fantastic poem Cynthia, your best ever I think, and I've only read it once and I just KNOW it will get better! I also feel I can totally empathise with the sentiments. I'm feeling those coals of fire at the moment. Ow! xx

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Mon 22nd Mar 2010 13:05

Mr Carr, I have taken the plunge. Thanks for your encouragement. Making this was an adventure!

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