Have you ever been in a race and thought, I am almost at the finish line? Telling yourself I got this. Strategizing on how to take this one home, so close to victory you can almost taste it. Dead set on winning that there isn’t a thought that you could lose. Then you look over and realize the whole time you spent preparing for this race, you never imagined the competition wanting it as bad as you. You lose focus and began to doubt yourself. Distracted off the prize for 2 seconds and look up and guess what you lost. It’s over, better luck next time. I can say in my life there have been so many times where I almost won, almost got to the finish line, to realize the race I thought I had to win was the warmup for what was coming next. We spend so many times thinking the race has begun, the gun has signaled, that we just start to run. Run off any thought that crosses our imagination. Even when we plan and prepare ourselves for all the what ifs there’s still something that we’ve missed, but what? Runner up, was never a title I wanted because if you weren’t first you were last. The biggest critics to our lives are ourselves. When we think about ourselves, we never vision us being the problem. Many times, we tell ourselves well the race was fixed, or the refs were making bad plays. Pushing negative thoughts into defeat. Losing brings out the rage and once we’re mad, we have totally lost focus. Rage becomes losing confidence and ambition within yourself. All for what because this wasn’t you season? The race you were set on to win wasn’t your race to win in the first place, you were simply there to push the next person to their full potential. We’re so set on things we think we want we don’t realize if it even fits into our plan. Almost is better than not trying at all this isn’t a Brandy song where it doesn’t count. We battle our own twisted minds and make it impossible to accept defeat that we forget to be happy for the winner. Our lives become a competition where we are programed to figure it all out right here right now. Accepting defeat instead of changing our minds to have a positive response to either outcome. It’s not what’s happening right now but how your attitude is when it’s happening. We choose how we handle falling short from the goal we thought we wanted. 2nd place isn’t a bad thing we just tell ourselves this because we compare our lives to other peoples. One’s purpose isn’t going to be the same as yours it could be too much or not enough for you. You realize you wanted something so bad not for yourself but so the other person didn’t win. The mind set of looking at almost winning as a loser takes away from what you gain in experience. You can determine how you choose to carry on. Almost gives you room to grow and push yourself so you can help the next person dealing with their own almost.

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Sat 7th Sep 2019 02:22

Thank you so much wrote this in 15 mins was just on my mind appreciate the feedback !

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branwell kent

Fri 6th Sep 2019 18:45

The race I thought I had to win was the warm up for what was coming next

great line

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