No Deal

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Where does the buck stop when a backstop blocks the options in a break-up?

Haystack Haircut got the top slot, 

guns the juggernaut 

plum at the cliff-top.

Metal on metal, the brake shoes squeal.

An utter nut-job’s at the wheel,

no air-bag and no seat belts. 


No Deal.


The new Prime Minister Boris Johnson 

says the EU’s spouting nonsense,

digging in their foreign heels,

sticking to their cherished backstop.

His bet is that they’re gonna back off.

Don’t imbibe his specious spiel,

the country’s ****ed:

expect No Deal


Forty years of peace in Europe.

Bliss for which our forebears fought:

falling prices in the shops;

no border hassles for the tourists;

no trucks in log-jams at the ports.

On Halloween it all goes pop!

No food, no fuel, no drugs, no steel,

no wine, no cheese, no Peace. 

No Deal.


Boris badgers on regardless 

blusters for his blasted Brexit

blithe to Britain’s grind and hardship

when the Irish backstop stops it.

The hope is vain, the pain is real.

No give, no take.

Oh no!

No brakes.

No Deal.



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M.C. Newberry

Wed 7th Aug 2019 16:27

I enjoyed the general "dig" at the current PM for his perceived
poncing about with politics. But not sure about the EU being part
of "peace in Europe" - recalling the dreadful goings-on with that
ancient animosity playing out in the eastern part of the continent
in the not-too-distant past. NATO has always been the bulwark of
peace-keeping and remains so, even now when the EU fulfils the
warning of years ago from Sir James Goldsmith about it seeking
its own army. How they mocked the "scare-mongering"
from that source and his Referendum Party. No thought about
how Russia and its allies (always a bit paranoid because of its
huge sacrifices in European wars) might view this eventuality as a
threat to its interests and react accordingly. Trading "trade" for
the political ambitions of assorted ill-matched "member states"
led by our erstwhile enslavers using the Clausewitz doctrine is hardly a good long-term swap. This outcome was essentially a
matter of time and changing circumstances.

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Don Matthews

Wed 7th Aug 2019 08:27

Johnson has only ever been interested in climbing higher. He's reached the summit and can climb no higher. Now there, he doesn't know what to do. Well done Boris.....

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Tim Ellis

Wed 7th Aug 2019 07:14

Thanks Brian, although on the matter of a No Deal I’m more Corporal Jones: DON’T PANIC!! DON’T PANIIIIIC!!

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Brian Maryon

Tue 6th Aug 2019 17:45

Tim - I like the poem as a piece of work and I hope others will like it, or not, for the same reason. I expect however it will get support because of its Boris-bashing theme, which let's face it is quite a predictable theme at present. It also puts you in the Private Fraser camp...we're doomed, doomed!

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