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A semi-functional adult human who loves words

Before Metaphors

Before the metaphors and metal forged I sat ignored and lonesome alone and broken... Groanin' in an ocean of token defeat rote motions dead-feet my feats retreat... Bleeding dreams and fleeced sheep eaten lacking wheat a sheath for elite-meat-treats and bleep-heaps... Driven deeper-steeper hear her cry when satellites fly... I sit outside and mind my own business... But in this bees nest I'm best before checks in reality I'm a liability for the masks of sentimental sentinels brandishing fundamental finality on the mantle of rivalry... Sodden grease and I follow-she all ah-me and I'm falling-free... Solemn freeze and I'm free-falling asleep...

Chemistry Betrays

My chemistry betrays me as insanity pleads before lean-jaded depravity seen scorn as a decrepit unraveling of baffling mean-spirited entities gathering deceitfully for more pandering of reality in a gallery slinging misery entirely... My sympathy behaves erratically seethes forlorn as heated apathy forms rapidly soft-churning rhapsody squirms passionately... Inevitably heart-warming tragedy occurs. Fiendishly hard-earned philosophy turns of metaphor laced individuality... Blurred and slurred rhymes. Aggressive lines wormed into the tapestry of sadism this organisms mechanism of limelight fading posturism burning eyes turning bright from realism shading light from mine minds rind empty escapism slime heavy kinda heady with the infectious algorithm... Swirls bleeding lecherous breathing escaping the rhythm of morbid reality curiosity yearns for instability With the itty-bitty fallacy of a gallant killing spree gallons of rippling prayers stripped of buoyancy floating dead in the sea flamboyantly...

Feels Like Forever...

Woke up this morning, feels like forever since the mourning of your name... In shame I hid tethered to fame, a blind grain of sand against a slimy flame I'm gaining momentum like rain, a zany feelin' bein' clean weaning myself off the draining lifestyle, my grind paid in dreams My time stood-still, feels like December when your clever weather was stormy I grew gills and stormed on... A starship trooper in September, I ran around in embers no space vacuum in dust, I grin and shoulder on In my holster a wand, it sings songs about wrongs atrocities gonged through the city, a bong hit of infinity I stare behind me and see her one last time in the rust of spaces left between us I know she will not see this, I'm just a bleeding creature... So whisper feels like forever ...Leave it

Questionably Questioned...

Questionably questioned by the quest-givers I'm a chest-earner and I dig deeper to find lines that place my rhymes inside your mind tonight... I'm a dark dragon seeking a stark mistress on a dime... No warlock circle to burn on my skin I am a sin of worthlessness in the lurch of learning magic whips... I'm a laughingstock as the tablet flips tables of woe Blows and throes... I'm not Thor, no hammer and cord... A zoid, I am moist... Rejoice that my voice can transform transcribe describe... Imagine the blight that will rise when they copy my hidden light this time I'm "ite"... Divine blind and now I free-grab rewind so the bee-line can define bright lies... Behind enemy lines my wine is bitter like winter on the back of grime... Slide your fines in the one-way ticket receiver and bide your brine so the wet can align with the vetting of your soul... Whole toll is folded... A paper-heart in a socket wrapped in a pocket I'm on a rocket ship marked with lips like a dark kiss... Wish I had no lisp but after today I wish the rips and wasp dips would leave me tossing and turning... Needing grit...? Oh, you wish...

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<Deleted User> (22158)

Sun 23rd Jun 2019 13:58

Hi Dylan. Thank you for your comments on my poem "Itch Hunt" and on my profile. I appreciate the kind words.

I, also, enjoy your work and style. "Chemistry Betrays" especially stands out to me (as my inner "chem-lab" bursts beakers and crosses wires). Aggressive intro followed by powerful use of your epic lexicon. Would be a great slam.

Looks like you're just getting settled in to WoL? I am new here, too. Welcome aboard and hope to see more from you soon!

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Mae Foreman

Fri 21st Jun 2019 16:49

Love your sample poems Dylan! ?
Thank you,

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