The Truth Hurts

Strongholds of war threaten our life supply,
for death awaits those who seek and speak truth.
Battles are waged within our safe havens,
as kin and friend shed their masks of deceit.

Doorsteps of homes alter into altars
Refuge is taken spiritually now,
for the church has fallen religiously.
Satan worshippers disguised as righteous
Believers, spitting the Word better than
us because False Prophets abuse Our trust.
Pastors recycle yesterday's Sermons,
disarming the Warriors of today.

Judgements decreed by Saints curse their blessings,
for they have forgotten who is Father.
Don't curse another for lack of knowledge,
for their guidance and blessings come from God;
His ways are mysterious to mankind,
so pray for clarity before you judge.

Don't expect the expected to triumph;
simple plans are for the simple-minded.

Some paths are meant to appear strange to those 
who will not be a part of your blessings.
Let them think as they wish and mock God's plans, 
for He will work a miracle through you!

Knowledge of the Spirit World Must be taught,
so the blind can see and the sleep can wake.
Tears of God attempt to cleanse our stained wings,
so we can rule the new heaven with him.

Enemies attack our salvation's might
with wicked thoughts that lead to sinful acts,
while angels in hell rejoice of our fall.
Search your soul and depart from the old ways;
You can't become anew with the same mind.

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