Eddie Condon's apprentice

It was the smell of leather that hit me first

Old crisp leather

Well used

Beginning to crack around the straps

One of the buckles slightly bent

He shuffled nervously from one foot to another

As he entered the flat

A friend of a friend

His polished black shoes

And well- worn overcoat hanging over his slender frame

Gave him the appearance of a door to door salesman

Or a clerk in an office from 1938

Where all that could be heard was the ticking of a clock

He was quiet self- effacing

But genuine and friendly

We talked about other guitarists

Like Eddie Condon

As he eased out his big old Gibson

And plugged it into a tiny amp

He was a man of his time

A man out of this time

Yet not

With his creaking brown leather bag

And there was him

And it was London in Linzee’s flat

And it was new years eve

And he was crouched over his guitar

His nimble fingers gliding over the strings

It was 1975

It was almost midnight

And this was Jazz

◄ How many tonight

Sometimes ►


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Martin Elder

Sun 23rd Jun 2019 21:42

Thanks to David and Erin for reading and commenting. I am glad that it took you on a journey.
Thanks a lot


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Eiren Water

Sun 23rd Jun 2019 14:21

Really enjoyed the time travel. Thank you for bringing me along.
Beautiful imagery and storytelling.

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David Irvine

Thu 20th Jun 2019 10:43

Great poem and full of great visuals, nice little journey as well. ?

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Martin Elder

Fri 14th Jun 2019 15:25

Thanks to Randy, Jon, Jeannot and afishamongmany for liking
and thanks to David, Ray, Tom, Devon and Wayne for commenting.

You are right David in one sense it was a bit of an awakening although I have quite a broad taste in music. My father had already introduced me to swing, more specifically Glenn Miller of whom he was a big fan. I remember him taking me to see the late Benny Goodman in Brighton during the sixties. But to hear the sort of jazz as described above was wonderful.

Ray I have often tried to master an instrument but with so little skill so I stick to occasionally bashing the skins. Playing the guitar for me would be so much nicer if only because it is melodic and a great deal more portable.
Thanks for asking about my health Ray. I seem to be on the mend again after a few cardiac problems and waiting to see the consultant

Glad it brought back some good memories for you Devon. I wish I could remember this guys name. We were all in our twenties sitting around listening to the sweet tones of this guy playing. He must have been twenty five years older than us He was so mild mannered

Glad you liked it Tom. It means a lot Thanks

Wayne it was great just to be a bystander and listen to this guy play. A real joy

Once again thanks to all for reading liking and commenting. very much appreciated

Love to all

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Wayne McLellan

Thu 13th Jun 2019 22:47

Not a lover of jazz but you had me enthralled with this tale. It felt like I was a bystander witnessing the session. ?

Devon Brock

Thu 13th Jun 2019 22:11

Aw man - this brings back a flood of memories. Late night apartment jams w/ neighbors banging on the walls, landlord knocking all drowned out by glorious noise. Fabulous.

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Tom Harding

Thu 13th Jun 2019 20:59

it grows beautifully, there's a mystery and magic here

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Thu 13th Jun 2019 20:34

There's magic in the air here Martin. I love the writing and the solid thoughts as they emerge. I fell for music at a very young age, but sadly never experienced that guitar buzz. A keyboard is just a slave driver, but I twisted its arm and it earned me money . Enough said, i'll get that coat.

I hope you're ok now after a rough period.


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