Making tracks

The dog track is closed now

The rabbits packed his bags

And gone to find himself

The dogs hang around in street corner packs

Tripping up old grannies

And stealing little kids’ sweets

On Sundays chasing balls on the sand by the coast

The older ones retired and live in a home

Some others died early on

Not able to take the strain


The dog tracks cinders have been kicked

And blown over for the last time

The tannoy has gone quiet

The sandwiches are mouldy

And grass grows in tufts spilling out into the world outside

Rusty padlocks and chains on the gates swing and rattle

In winter wind

Whilst broken windows aerate and creak

And the ghost of calling card touts haunt the stands

Empty bottles and cans roll along paths

And rattle through the grounds

Over turf across cinders

Through gates to the other side

Unaware of plans for two hundred new homes

After autumns gone west

And winter cuts into the earth 


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Martin Elder

Fri 5th Apr 2019 18:57

Thanks Rachel, Leon and Stu for your comments and likes. This was formed form the notion of all the greyhounds that retired off after they have served their purpose being bred for only one thing. The more fortunate ones are found homes to go to where they are loved and cared for.
I must admit that when I wrote this I had a films eye view running through my head.
Thanks again guys much appreciated


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Stu Buck

Tue 2nd Apr 2019 16:23

i agree with rachel here martin. its cinematic in its scope and quality but with a terse message behind it. lovely stuff.

edit - i reckon terse is the wrong word but i'm sticking with it anyway

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Mon 1st Apr 2019 21:44

Great piece Martin ( as per! )


Mon 1st Apr 2019 14:18

..has a cinematic quality like a mid-century ghost town. --and the idea of autumn going west really rubs the feeling of desolation right in.


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