Close your eyes

visualize blackness

velvet starless night.


Leave your toy soldiers behind,

fine ways to change the world,

those they will guard.


Become as nothingness

that has purpose of itself


hold on to blackness

to velvet starless night.


The changing of the guard was just a dream

before the light came

on the face of the waters.




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Thu 2nd May 2019 23:11

Hi Jennifer, thanks. I'm a great believer in suspended the mind, and a good start is to cover your eyes and think black - hard to do. It does at least rest the eyes , an old yoga trick.


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jennifer Malden

Wed 1st May 2019 19:55

Liked this.Just having time to sit quietly and think, or let your mind become 'velvet starless night' is so important, but modern life doesn't let us do this. To do anything even remotely creative, time to empty your mind of everyday cares is vital.


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Tue 30th Apr 2019 11:49

Thanks for looking in, Anna.

That assessment is about right Steve, thanks. I've had some experience of meditation; I like to call it self hypnosis. I had the idea that you have to rise above all other demands if possible ! Hence the idea of keeping watch constantly. I'm intrigued with your reference, but not sure how to clarify it as I don't have a Bible !

HI Dorothy. I'm very pleased you liked this. I think my comment to Steve might give an idea of my aims. "Haunting" I love - it is a word that has many connotations within the poetry genre.


<Deleted User> (21487)

Sat 27th Apr 2019 16:44

I keep reading this over and over.
I like the feel and sound of it but I am not sure that i understand it.
Perhaps that does not really matter, it has a haunting quality that i love.

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