Vincent Price, actor extraordinaire

reaches into his cloak with large sympathetic hands,

smiles with that crooked cataclysm of a face,

eyebrows as restless as Tower Bridge,

pulls back the velvet to reveal plum red lining


and have us fooled;

what might happen next?

will there be bats or spiders

or perhaps the Tingler.


He merely recites in broad sweeps

as camp as a masquerade,

then leads us gently with menace and malice

to some mock byzantine crumbling palace

where histories are treasured in layered tombs.


But then we find arc lights, cameras;

he relaxes and becomes your valued friend,

instead of Dr Phibes or the Witchfinder General,

the voice that warns you of the Hounds of Hell

or his penchant for art and cooking well.




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Fri 26th Apr 2019 17:29

Hi Trevor. I'm grateful for your opinions, as your work shows multi layering of thought. This was a sort of vignette of a man I always admired, a sort of lost soul in need of refreshment he would be in today's world I think.


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trevor homer

Fri 26th Apr 2019 15:09

Its high time I had a serous look at your back catalogue Ray This is a good place to start - excellent potted insight into the macabre world of V.P Thanks Trevor

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Thu 25th Apr 2019 22:42

Thanks for commenting Steve. An astute point you raise. His performance itself was often a parody of a stage acting technique , and he could certainly rely on it for effect. I hate to use the word Hammy, but today many would think it. There were many earlier exponents who went over the top . We should enjoy it the way we enjoy On the Buses and the Carry On films for being museum pieces. (with reservations).

Thank you Dorothy, you have picked up on my own florid imitation of his style, so I feel though the poem didn't garner much of a following here, your comment bolsters my aims very nicely!

Thanks for looking in, Jon.


<Deleted User> (21487)

Wed 24th Apr 2019 12:55

"then leads us gently by menace or malice
to some mock byzantine crumbling palace" - holding my breath.

" or his perchant for art and cooking well" - breathing again in relief'


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