Feminism builds on needs!
Tell me something, are you freed
From all society’s greed
If you don’t think a woman
Is the same as a human
Where have you been hurt?
Don’t make me your just desserts
Looking at me like something tasty
Feels like your arguments are a little hasty to judge me
Like I’m not somebody
With hopes and dreams and feelings
Why you wiping down that glass ceiling
Sister til it shines,
Be ashamed of that sparkling crime
They do to us on our own dime
Taxes spent on pink taxation
Where the fuck is MY representation
All these clowns in office
Talking like we’re judged in the same space
Talking like they had a fair race

I need feminism because
I need feminism BECAUSE
They come with assault rifles, not hugs
They come to steal your rights
To tell you that you’re too weak to fight
For what you need and what you stand for
I don’t know, they think we’re done for
Let’s show em how we got more
Fight than they ever did
Watch out we’re taking the message straight to your kids:
Women are people
And people are human
If you take that away
This here’s what remains
A society with differences
We’re proud of and play
Up like badges
Carried round like baggage
We pay our own fee
Do what’s right for society
What’s it about when you and me
Can’t get some helpful integrity?
What’s it like to live in your castle
Must be such an enormous hassle
Dealing with us, the irreverent chattel
Well we’re coming back now
Mate, we won’t stumble.

Give us our freedoms
And give us our liberties
If you stand against us
It damn sure won’t be pretty
And if you love your wife
Your pretty little daughters
Tell them there’s a life for them
Happily ever after.
Then make it happen
Oh did you lose your nerve?
Come here and tell that little girl about
Everything you don’t think she deserves
And then stick it where the sun don’t shine
That attitude of yours and all the whining
About how you’re such a nice guy and—
I’m fed up to death with all the excuses
Shoddily explaining away abuses

I need feminism because
I need feminism BECAUSE
If I don’t stand
And no one does
One day this world is going to flood
With rhetoric from hate
The kind of space we’re helping the next generation perpetuate
If you see something
Say nothing
The whole wide world is going to drown
From the cynical frown
Of a feminine going down

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