She takes her hand off of the door

Doesn’t quite know what all of this is for

Am I going to never want more

She’s silent, mouth and mind

This woman ever kind

And thinks without meaning to

“My life is gone,

All I knew”

And though she fidgets in high heeled shoes

Her hands move to the knob,

Her heart begins to throb

She feels all weak in the knees

Can someone stop this pretty please

She thinks with wild abandon

“How will I ever handle individuality again?”

The fear is paralyzing

On this eve of all deciding

Should she stay or should she go?

Would anyone ever know

Had anyone ever known,

How it felt to be alone,



The love she feels is overwhelming

His smile so light

His words so charming

And in herself she finds a bravery

That even afraid

Is quite unwavering

Through double doors she glides

At last, for once, the beautiful bride

And sweeps up the aisle to his side

The tale as old as time,

Weakness, courage, and falling in line




Setting up for a life

Full of sorrow and strife

Is much better with a wife

He thinks with a smile.

It’s going to be a while,

Can he last this long,

Wearing a ring and holding on

To her hand only

Gotta admit it’s kind of lonely

Being on the daily

With your one and only amour

He furtively looks to the door

Whereabouts on the other side

Stands his very lovely bride

She’s late to march,

Down aisle and sundry

He kind of wonders

If she’s even coming

And tucks his hands against his trousers

Wiping the sweat,

Wishing it wasn’t so loud or--


Doors open and reveal

His most treasured appeal

He feels


He’s drowning

Is this how death is coming?

She glides toward him,

He feels his throat closing.

Can he stay committed and is it a crime

To love other women or talk to them online

And really he feels he could turn on a dime

But she looks in his eyes--


And he knows.

He can do it.

And she knows

She didn’t blow it.

The look in the eyes that meet

Love is more than a two way street

It’s a pathway you walk together,

Free as a bird, light as a feather

And in the path there are bumps and stumbles

You only get past if you’re humble

And kind to one another

There’s a feeling like no other

That you have been entrusted with

Do not waste this precious gift.


If one thing taken from my share

Let it be that love is rare

Own it, live it, be there for each other

Find yourself a wonderful lover.

Love is not looking at each other:

It’s looking the way that you’re going, together.”


“L’amour n’est pas se regarder l’ un l’autre,

Mais regarder ensemble dans la meme direction.”


Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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<Deleted User> (19708)

Sat 20th Apr 2019 17:23

This is breathtaking! Thanks!

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