Tolerant economy

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Tolerant economy

Tuesday,23rd April 2019


There is a celebration

and excitation too

young and old are eager to vote

as the elections are bitterly fought


so much is at stake

to ward of the fakes

who have just emerged

and trying to edge out


the work speaks

the progressive mind is woken up

people take it as a sacred duty,

after all, India is the Republican country


something is forgotten

it is an emerging nation

with lots of expectations

and improvement in the international relation


One vote

may change the date

for future to spell

about doing India so well


Politically stable

economy not to crumble

militarily so strong and secured

our vote certainly matters


We are a nuclear state

with responsible behavior at this date

internationally recognized democracy

one and one only heavily populated with a tolerent economy


Hasmukh Mehta


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