Rain In Spain

You venture on vacation for some rest and recreation,

but instead you end up feeling rather glum,

‘cause your favoured destination leaves you stamping in frustration,

when weather comes and bites you in the bum.


Your friends all think it’s funny ‘cause back home it’s really sunny,

and here you are bedraggled by the rain;

you’re feeling somewhat crummy ‘cause you spent a lot of money

to be waterlogged by thunderstorms in Spain.


You might need to build an ark ‘cause the skies are very dark,

and the brolly you just bought’s a wretched dud.

You’re scared you’ll meet a shark when you’re crossing the car park,

‘cause every road’s a waterway in flood.


You’re off home in search of sun when your holiday is done,

and you reach your local airport once again;

but you lose your sense of fun when you find you have to run,

‘cause as you walk out it starts to bloody rain!

NaPoWriMo Day 22

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Laura Taylor

Tue 23rd Apr 2019 13:43

Hehe ? Made me chuckle this one ?

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Trevor Alexander

Mon 22nd Apr 2019 17:20

Hoy no hace tanto calor, Brian. In fact it's blooming freezing, and the rain's hardly stopped for two days! So as you can see MCN, it has happened to this unfortunate holidaymaker!

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Brian Maryon

Mon 22nd Apr 2019 16:54

Me gusta ir al Espana porque hace mucho calor.

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 22nd Apr 2019 15:40

Ha-ha...there must be times when this happens to an unfortunate
holidaymaker. But - to vary an old adage: you pay your money
and you take your chance. At least holidays "at home" can be accommodated accordingly - and were, long before cheap air
travel arrived. There is always a sort of masochistic pleasure
in sheltering from the rain In a bus shelter munching through a
wrapper full of cod and chips! ?

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