I Wore A Frock

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This day I caught eye of the mirror

It watched me dressing into a new apparel…

I did hear the laughter everywhere,

Although there was no one visible.

The laughter rose and rose aloud,

Until I felt my ears deaf.


Why did the mirror ridicule me?

What intuition did the mind carry?

Wasn’t what I dressed into today

A well knitted thought from the mind itself?

A hypocrisy of mind!

The mind turned blind.


They do wear trousers, jeans, and shirts too…

Is it ugly what I wore?

If they can try to be in the footsteps of men,

What prevents us to follow them.

The chauvinist men and the stereotypes around

We beget the fruit of our own creation.


The walk through the city was very tough,

Eyes ogling me as if I was a nymph from outer space,

Some men came close only to tease me, abuse me…

The women watched me with astonishment,

The road just came to complete standstill…

I am a man just in different clothes.


Conscious of today’s experience I decided to repeat it again,

I received resistance from my friends and acquaintances alike.

The cacophony of voices beat my eardrums,

The phone calls ringing, the text messages pouring,

All hell breaking loose on me…

Forced to quit the thought, I submerged back into the hypocrisy.

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 14th Apr 2019 15:51

Maybe it comes down to the ability to be able to "identify" and react
accordingly. That which confuses expectations causes concerns
and unease that create misunderstandings to muddy the waters
instead of clearing them. I was intrigued to learn that in other times
the colours associated with male and female infants were actually
opposite to what has been the case in modern times. So, things
can change but the mindset of how we relate to each other in later
life offers its resistance to that which discomforts assumptions.
of how we see (identify) each other. And this seems to have been
the case down the centuries as this is hardly a new scenario in
human behaviour.

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