Grievance Industry


God worked a full week

then took a day off

but then he received a summons

to appear in court

thanks to Eve getting famous

and then getting a lawyer

God was non-union

so he got the job done on time

and under budget

but Eve filed a grievance

said she was harassed by a snake

and denied her rights

she said that Eden was a male-dominated garden

so Eve formed a Union

hired an HR manager

and then filed a class-action suit against God

for gender discrimination

she appealed to the federal court and won

now the snake is facing prison time

and God is on an mandatory federal action plan

He will no longer be sworn to

just sworn at

and he will have to do 800 hours of community service

and sign over half the garden to Eve

now God wishes he had not made creation at all

he should have quit when he was ahead

and remained self-employed.



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<Deleted User> (21487)

Tue 9th Apr 2019 14:06

I do hope that Eve had the orchard part of the garden - the part with all the 'forbiden' fruit. She deserves a bit of fun after being chased by snake.

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