Many who grew up with the "EU" seem unaware of how it has become established - hence this little essay

of enlightenment to remind them that convenience and ease of whatever sort has its price..

Advancing years bring the benefit of a long memory and the current parliamentary farce over Brexit brings 

memories of the Referendum Party and its determined opposition to the growing (and increasingly worrying)

political aims of the EEC/EC - now the EU - some decades ago.

Widely mocked and disparaged by the political estabiishment for its opposition to what it saw on the horizon

- the loss of national sovereignty, with powers transferred to Brussels by stealthy step/stage processes without authority to transfer the electorate's mandate to govern the UK in its name according to ITS OWN laws and customs

- it managed to remain in existence due to its formidable founder Sir James Goldsmith (his son is Zac

Goldsmith) and even managed to unseat the Tory big name David Mellor along the way.  Goldsmith

was joined by economics guru Sir Alan Walters and Lady Walters, (with whom I became associated locally)

and they never lost sight of the "bigger picture" of what was happening as the innocent public trust in the

Common Market was overtaken by the hidden political agenda at the heart of "The Project" that we know

has become the European Union.  Any national dissension was challenged repeatedly until the "right result"

was obtained, with criticism and misgivings poo-poohed in dismissive contempt by an increasingly distant

political thinking that omitted any UK referendum until the "who governs this country" pressure (from the

Referendum Party's logical succesor - UKIP) became overpowering and the belated decision to hold a

referendum was grudgingly agreed.  The result haunts that political attitude - here and in Europe - because

it undermines the self-absorbed belief of being entitled to deceive and dissemble and withhold the reality of

what was being agreed and signed away in the collective name of the people of this nation, who, it was

known only too well, would never have agreed to what was being done in their name, most damaging of all,

to the status of the Sovereign, Queen Elizabeth the Second and her coronation oath of service to her people. 

So - the Referendum Party, with its dogmatic resistance to carefully planned European political scheming

 - its prophecy of plans for an "EU army" and the rest that could not be held to account by the people of the

nation, having been proved correct - paved the way to the parliamentary divisions we see today.  The people

voted and we have just witnessed national democracy done to death in the parliamentary crib because it

does not constitute the "right result" for the politically employed....then and now.. History is repeating itself.

Sir James Goldsmith would probably be saying "I told you so".


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Don Matthews

Wed 3rd Apr 2019 07:42

Some in WOL seem to be quite happy with 'essays' appearing in a blog. Funny, but I thought WOL was a 'poetry' site , blogs bearing some characteristics around which a poem is constructed.

Maybe I'm not flying in the higher plane and able to appreciate this 'new-age' poetry...?

I like your attitude MC


Wed 3rd Apr 2019 07:10

I would hate to see anyone get mobbed for posting on their own blog, MC--essay or not.

I struggle to see the value in offering most criticisms unless someone is being verbally abused.


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M.C. Newberry

Wed 3rd Apr 2019 00:19

Intriguing. I have read a variety of prose items on subjects like
death, family and personal misfortunes that never fail to elicit
sympathetic/identifying comments. Is it the form - or the content...
or both? I just made a point of moving away substantially from
my usual verse in the cause of variety of thought and presentation
to present content which might not be familiar but nonetheless
interesting. Ah well...back to the craic of the formulaic...suitably
chastised, but not disheartened.

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Don Matthews

Tue 2nd Apr 2019 22:58

I have brought this issue up before. This is a poetry website and not one for essays. etc.

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Greg Freeman

Tue 2nd Apr 2019 21:06

This appears in the section marked Poetry Blogs, MC. Where's the poetry in this? Maybe it's a prose-poem. If so, I don't think it's very good ...

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