Earnin' Their Keep


The calf

can't come out

it's too big and

the mother cow too weak

to force the issue

so a calf puller and chains are brought out

and wrapped around the calves legs

then 2 strong cowboys pull

and pull until the legs come out

and then the head

as the calf falls to the dusty ground

and there ya go

a calf laying on the ground

all wet and slimy lookin'

and with a pail of water splashed

on its head

and the mucus cleared

the calf is brought to life

and the momma cow

walks over as if it's no big deal

and gives the calf a coupla licks

and the baby bawls

just like a human baby

the cow is happy

the rancher happy

and the cowboys grab a beer

out of the truck

done deal they say

we saved a calf today

we earned our keep.



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