The Write Out Loud Poem of the Week is ‘Win Sum’ by Steven Arthur

Steven says in his bio “I enjoy reading translated Roman poetry, literature on any kind of revolution, and a good epic once in a great moon.” and his poem of the week ‘Win Sum’ perfectly showcases this interest.

From the intrigue of the title through to the subject matter – this piece frames itself as a ‘classics’ poem – the language is rich with ancient images interspersed with more modern language – and the pay-off line at the end is a succinct life lesson that really resonates.

Each word in the poem is carefully selected and placed – nothing is wasted. The language here is rich and fulfilling – and the rhythm of the words gives a good pace to the unfolding visions of an ancient city and its forefathers.

Taking the poem as a whole it is a story, a mythology with a hint of mystery - a thoroughly well deserved accolade for a new writer to Write Out Loud.


We are still awaiting Stevens answers  to our Q&A and will post them as soon as we get them.


Win Sum

by steven arthur


Caesar kept his promise when he crossed the Rubicon,

Beatified and blunt on the mosaic and stained glass,

Guards morphed from slabs of stone with their duty gone,

Gentrified and dumped and where the road ends it rains ash.


Flames from Nergal then reach to the ceiling,

Nepal then melts away,

Bubble like the gin with a crutch and a killing,

Water raises familiars in the bay.


Cyclones and sirens and the algae in the opal city,

Sifting through the air on the bamboo shoots,

Singing the song with a busker to a local ditty,

Winning isn’t wishing, but to know what you want when you lose.


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Jon Stainsby

Mon 11th Feb 2019 16:48

Congratulations, Steven

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