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When it all fades to black, what will I feel?

Will I finally be able to let my heart reveal

The joy which was once burrowed inside

What will happen when I die?


With my last heartbeat, will I finally be free?

Will my last breathe strip away the pain and anxiety?

Will all that once held me back before

Diminish as life escapes through the door


As the chains lift off my harrowed soul

Will I grow back my wings and finally be whole?

No more of life’s troubles weighing me down

Will I now wear a smile instead of a frown?


So selfish, you say, as I commit this act

But how would you know if you’ve never truly asked?

Pushed to a corner with no way out

I’ve found my own escape route


When it all fades to black, what will I feel?

When fate has come to seal the deal

What darkness once drowned in misery

Has now been finally set free


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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Sat 4th Feb 2023 21:03

Questions questions.
So what are the answers 4 years on?

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