She made her mistake, she asked for it, hell she had it coming

The words spilled out before she had a chance to catch them

She was in the wrong, only one way to see it

The view on the other side of the belt


Black and blues on her skin will fade

She’s branded by the ones on her heart

In a world where we are taught, to speak for what’s right

She was wronged


It was just a little too much before he came home

She pushed just a little too much

Holding herself up, bracing herself

She won’t soon have to take it


She hid her marks, remembered her mistakes

She blamed herself for something she can’t escape

But it wasn’t her fault and she’ll never learn

Cause she never did get away


And even though her eyes were bloodshot

And her cheeks were wet

She wore a smile that made everyone forget

She fooled them all until they found her


Eyes open, asleep on the floor

Red puddle around her

Looking at her in question

He couldn’t even remember


He held the belt

He used his strength

He wouldn’t let her run

He wouldn’t let her live

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