Standing in the crowd

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Staring at the billboard…
I feel so important to you

Staring at the shop window 
I am tempted to believe…
If I empty my pockets I will forget about you

Sitting on the sofa 
Watching the adverts of pristine lives…
Each and everyone 
Not a care in the world 
Joyous at the insurance policy
Or furniture that just perfectly fits in

Lying down 
Just prior to nails being hammered in…
I’d like to feel I was important to you

lost soulsshopping

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Martin Elder

Tue 4th Dec 2018 11:09

I love the empty clarity of this poem. I fill my life with too much stuff and therefore admire others that don't. Sometimes there is a comfort in the silent nothingness that this provokes for me.

Nice one

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