I have NO idea

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I have no Idea

which side
the Brexiteers

are on
nor what the hell

it is all about-

I've a Masters Degree in
Political Economics 

and run an 

International Educational Establishment 
teaching the aforementioned degree

as well as having

35 years developing
European Legislative Analysis

for Businesses.


I'm clueless.


Words and images by Tommy Carroll

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 26th Nov 2018 15:08

"Any country that is willing to sacrifice its freedom for financial advantage deserves to lose both". Words from a US president
that are worth bringing to mind at this time. The country needs
only to hold its nerve IF May has complied with the severance
demanded by the referendum vote.
Go back to the original concept of national sovereignty. The Tories
under Macmillan decided to discard the Commonwealth for a
European "Common Market" - opposed by Atlee who accused
them of abandoning our allies in the WW2 conflict that supposedly saw the origins of the political entity that is now the EU - but
which began incognito as that "Market". During my lifetime, I've watched as the original went through the stages of "European
Economic Community"..."European Community"...to the "European
Union" - with not a peep from successive UK governments busy
signing up to these changes ultra vires - since this was beyond the
mandate they had from elections because at no time was the public
consulted about the power transfers taking place and thus it was
a stealth policy of want of truth, deceit and dissembling by our own
elected representatives In government...opposed by others who
were accused of being disloyal and worse by government leaders
(see John Major and his "bastards" reference for a sample) -
and even now their modern equivalents - like Jacob Rees-Mogg -
are accused of "extremism".
The primary players of the EU - like Juncker - have no elected
origins and cannot be voted out of office by the peoples of the
countries of the EU. It is a political entity that serves itself - not
democracy as we understand it. It is not our way - and maybe, just
maybe, the referendum vote belatedly reflected that realisation!


Mon 26th Nov 2018 14:12

Well I have not a hope in hell then!

I feel much better reading this... It's not just me then!

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