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at last the light

the promised light

slipping from Osiris’ grip

crushed by the wheel of centuries


this is not the land of the lord of silence

this is not the fertile valley

this is not the underworld

this is the harsh light

of an alien world

where sacred sarcophagus

is rent asunder

and remains displayed for voyeurs

of the dead

my lord

the dog head prince

has failed his duty

to protect my grave

dragged from the necropolis

here I lie

for eternity

in the land

of the tainted

forever banished

from the arms

of my ancestors

here in the place

of sacrilege

here with artefacts

and tomb crime

here where the soul

drifts aimlessly

until the end of time

here in my home

my ancient home

my Kemet

my black land

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Tue 27th Nov 2018 00:47

This is lovely!

Big Sal

Mon 26th Nov 2018 13:24

I tell you what I'd pay to see:

The looks on the faces of past generations to see the world as it is today. It'd be like a horror show mixed with a steampunk gravitas.

It'd be the saddest tale ever told.

Again, like I said before Ian, you could write about anything and have it come out superb. Every new piece you put out I always now find myself wondering if you ever adapted in some way to another kind of art form.

Good on you, and keep up the great writing.?

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Mon 26th Nov 2018 13:01


This is bloody masterful Ian.

Fantastic mate


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