Time’s Up


Time’s Up 


Is it coincidence

that at the end stage of the patriarchy

we see the extent of the abuse and rape of women exposed 

alongside the rape of the planet?

As the Earth is pillaged and torn,

all living beings regarded as resources or collateral,

woman is shorn,

time and again, of her dignity, stripped bare,

in the final days of the patriarchy.

She stands to say her piece

and even that courageous act,

dissected with disdain,

under the glare of gaslight, becomes a weapon

in the hands of those who seek to keep her silent,

severing the mother’s lips

to ram them down her own throat,

until she chokes with shame,

as judge and jury re-enact her violation.

Generations whipped with Adam’s rib,

bleeding out before their eyes,

as words of law enforced

become more real and worthy

than the soil beneath our feet,

more real than blood is ink,

as letters of appropriation slam with doom

upon the very wombs

of those who gave them life,

upon the very hand that holds us,

branding condemnation,

blazing words in toxic oil

to tear the very skin,

in suicidal matricide,

the blessed earth that births,

the only thing that keeps us

from oblivion.


©️Janey Colbourne 2018


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Janey Colbourne

Fri 9th Nov 2018 12:24

Mr Mansplain Kindly Comments

I can see what you’re trying to do lovey,

but you’re not quite there with your idealistic fantasy.

I’ll take it out of context and patronise you,

misrepresent intentions with a glib interpretation.

I’ll pick apart your vision with my cynicism,

get pedantic with semantics, and demand

that you must justify and qualify your view

that human beings are human and worthy of compassion.
You have not contextualised sufficiently.

This issue is far too complex for your tiny, naive female brain.

But oh, what a great idea my dear, so sweet of you.

I simply can’t resist an edifying, empty comment,

framed pseudo-intellectually, ambiguously,

potentially sarcastic and most definitely irrelevant.

Will she get defensive? Or perhaps too dumb to comprehend.

Or better yet intimidated, silenced by my prowess.

Well done my dear. Nice try.

©️Janey Colbourne 2018

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 8th Nov 2018 16:06

JC - associating my words with "disdain" is both
inaccurate and unfair. "Protest" is a two-edged sword.
I posed a question (or two), nothing more. No one
doubts there is violence committed against women but
perhaps a percentage against population might help
enlighten us. I dealt with instances of this in my working
life and know only too well the damage that violence can
cause - from whatever source.

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Janey Colbourne

Thu 8th Nov 2018 03:32

Douglas and Wolfgar thank you for acknowledgment and solidarity. Sincere male allies are always most, most welcome. I am by no means a man hater, some of my most dear friends are men. In some ways the patriarchy has caused problems for men too. Questions and respectful discussion also welcome.

MC Newberry methinks you doth protest too much. Perhaps you’d like me to describe in graphic detail the sexual abuse and violence that has been perpetrated against me and my fellow women. In fact perhaps you’d like me to ‘re-enact my violation’ so that you can ‘dissect it with disdain’ and then gaslight me.

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 8th Nov 2018 02:56

There is strange irony in the fact from the moment of birth,
through infancy, childhood, puberty and early adulthood,
there is no greater influence on a man's life than that of his mother. So, what happens that produces the situation
promoted today and increasingly accepted as "gospel" about
man's baleful attitude towards women? How, it may be
asked, can it occur in the way presented and reported with
fierce condemnation as somehow a widespread truth? Surely a puzzle that defies any fashionably facile sort of
explanation....if, indeed, there is one that satisfies those
who accede to the postulation.

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Douglas MacGowan

Wed 7th Nov 2018 18:32

Very powerful and (sadly) true.

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