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The pointless emptiness of everything.

I’m stood here in this field trying to feel,

Trying to remember what it felt like to feel.

Trying to feel my way around this field and follow my feet

Follow my feet through the field to feel again

I feel the wind blow and I follow

I feel the dog pull and I follow

Stumble and follow

Follow my feet

I look to the skies for direction

This looks like a face... of a dog... if you squint and look at it funny

That looks like a hand pointing ... but it’s pointing to nothing, nowhere, no one.

There’s nobody there

There nowhere to go except where I’ve already been

Spent half a life looking and found nothing

Nothing to tell me I’m on the right track

Nothing to tell me that all of it - or any of it - had a purpose 

I don’t know what I’m meant to do

Where I’m meant to be

I feel/see/hear things and wonder if it’s a calling

But there’s nothing there

Nothing that makes any sense.

So I just go home. 


And lost.

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