All Souls' Day

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In memory of Malcolm Lowry

No se puede vivir sin amar” ..

It is a time of wind and rain

And in the green wood
The voices of the dead
Coagulate and skim this edge of consciousness.
It is a time of heavy-hearted dread.
It is the day of the dead.
And what have we done
Since the last, lingering death?
Nothing, nada, no.
The wicked still prosper,
And the rich come and go
And the world spins the same
As ever it did before
And the poor are as they were before
Footprints in the snow.
And as this fog surrounds us
And the mist is everywhere
Let these hands of the merely human
Meet in this thin air.

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keith jeffries

Tue 30th Oct 2018 22:46

November is a month of Remembrance of which All Souls Day and Remembrance Sunday are particular solemnities. A fitting month I have always thought as the season is also indicative of death. A powerful indictment on our inability to create a better world out of such sadness and inequality.

Thank you for this


Big Sal

Sat 27th Oct 2018 22:13

"It is the day of the dead". . .?

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