The Unpopular Kid


How sad to see the little boy

who invited 30 friends to his party

and none showed up

sitting all alone at the table

the plates set

the pizza prepared

balloons  cake  candles

still no one came

there was a plot afoot

and the little boy was the victim

how strong the desire

to be popular

to be in with the in-crowd

to dress alike

to say the same things

peer pressure forces us to fit in

to be like everyone else

or else

when it doesn't happen

kids get blasted on Facebook

publicly shamed

their agony goes round the world

that's the way it works today

the individual is sacrificed

the mob marches in step

so much for diversity

no one can just be themselves

it is not allowed

what happened to Individualism

the idea that you could succeed

on your own merit

what happened to courtesy

or charity

what happened to

not giving a damn.


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jennifer Malden

Fri 26th Oct 2018 17:57

unfortunately this can happen especially now in the age pf cyber bullying. My sister used to get bullied at school being shy and with beautiful red hair, which for some reason is picked upon.She was miserable at school throuhg no fault of her own.
Great writing and food for thought

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Fri 26th Oct 2018 11:01

A strong poem drawing our attention to the persecuted.More so now with social media.The first four lines,GRIPPING !Well done

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Caoimhe June Jane Ryan

Thu 25th Oct 2018 20:35

I love it! Great writing

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Hannah Collins

Thu 25th Oct 2018 15:35

Very strong writing.
Important issues.


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Taylor Crowshaw

Thu 25th Oct 2018 14:48

Saw that D.K. Excellent poem. It happened to my daughter years ago. She was 7 she has never forgotten. I don't think she would have forgiven me had there been an option to post it for all to see..and I posted it.

Big Sal

Thu 25th Oct 2018 14:31

You're looking at him.

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